Publisher Publisher

TYPE: Gallery Display Design + Installation

LOCATION:  NEIU Fine Art Center Gallery

SIZE:  1,000 s.f.

YEAR: 2014

GC:  Curator + Architect

DESCRIPTION:  Blender Architecture was asked by Philadelphia artist Amze Emmons to assist in designing a display for his exhibition, titled Publisher! Publisher!.  Emmons collaborated with twenty publishers from around the world, compiling a collection of their publications, ranging from: high-end art magazines, newsprint pamphlets, various zines, and underground comics.  Blender Archtitecture was charged with developing a flexible display system that could allow for multiple size and type of reading material to be seen, a simple installation by volunteers, and produced on a tight budget.  The standard 24"x48" peg-board, hung from the existing 24"x48" ceiling grid system became our base unit from which we developed various 'reading rooms' within the gallery.

PHOTO:  Architect

CREDIT: Amze Emmons lives and works in Philadelphia, and is an Associate Professor at the Tyler School of Art