We are all teachers and learners.

Blender Architecture believes a back and forth dialogue with our clients creates lasting spaces that blend function and joy. We listen as our clients teach us about their needs through a carefully choreographed design process. As we progress as learners, we articulate the design vision to our clients and teach them about the balance between desire, functionality, budget and schedule. 

We are sensory designers.

Blender Architecture designs spaces that encourage experiencing architecture on a multi-sensory level-- selecting design elements and materials that sculpt light, build texture and layer color. We believe well-designed physical space can support a healthier life, because of how space effects the body.

We are small on purpose.

We are a small firm and our clients’ priorities are our priorities. We are a flexible firm, passionate about each project from the first big idea to the smallest material detail. We scale staffing levels and expertise in response to our client requirements.

We are selective collaborators.

We curate a team of trusted partners whose innovative work and cooperative attitudes help us pull the complex threads of each project together. Our team of collaborators ranges from general contractors who deliver an enjoyable construction experience and lasting quality to lighting designers who fine tune and optimize the way spaces and forms are visible, to landscape architects who select plantings and garden elements that enliven the built form.